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When people talk about "the industry,” we cringe a little. We just like to do our own thing, and we bet you do too. So whether your thing is photography, filmmaking, adventure, livin' in a van, livin' in a yurt, or just livin', we've made it easy for you to get the Peak Design gear you need to go do it.

IPP Eligibility

  • You must work professionally and full-time in the creative, outdoor, or adventure industries.
  • You must have been invited to the program by a PD employee or representative.

IPP Rules

  • Personal purchases only (no gifts).
  • Max spend is $500/year (post-discount).
  • You need to create a account first.
  • Your account email must match your application email. That email needs to be your work/company email.
  • Discount only works online and when you’re logged in. Discount applied at checkout.
  • Discount may not apply to all products.
  • You can renew IPP status on a yearly basis.

1. Create a account. You've gotta do this first. Click New? Create an account below. If you already have an account, login below to begin the process. After creating your account, come back to this page.

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