Activating Your Peak Design Account

Howdy Peak Design customers,

If you're reading this, you received an e-mail from us asking you to reset your Peak Design password and you had some questions about it. Well, we've got answers.

1. Was that email legit?

Yes, it was. On Wednesday, Sept. 26th we sent an email out to every single person with a account. Why? Because on that day we transitioned our website from one platform (Magento) to another (Shopify). Part of that transition involved migrating your account history/info. Because your password is protected via one-way encryption, we cannot copy it across platforms. Hence, we're kindly asking all customers to reset their passwords.

2. Did my account get hacked?

Absolutely not. The security of our customers' information is our absolute top priority.

3. Was Peak Design hacked?

Nope! Per our first answer, we transferred our backend servers from one platform to another.

4. Should I freak out?

No again. You continue using the Peak Design website with full confidence that your account information is safe and sound. In fact, with our new back-end platform your data is more secure than ever! If there is an opposite of "freaking out," you should do that. Freaking in? You decide.

5. What information is carrying over?

Currently we've migrated purchase history going back to the beginning of 2018, and in some cases a little bit further. When you reactivate your account, you should see all purchases you've made since the beginning of the year. We hope to transfer more of your purchase history in coming weeks.

Note that there might be past purchases you don't see listed right away. Don't worry, we still have records of all past purchases and product registrations. If you need to do a return or warranty replacement, just email and we'll sort you out.

6. I logged in and things are missing from my account. What's up with that?

Some things have not been migrated over to our new system yet, such as product registration data, gift card balances, account credit balances, and transactions older than 10-12 months. Don't worry, all of that information is still stored in our back-end system and accessible by our customer service team. If you need to access it, just email Over the coming weeks we hope to migrate much more of your information into our new system. It's a complex process and we want to take our time and do it right.  

7. The link I received doesn't work.

If you received an activation e-mail and the create does not work. Please simply re-create your account by clicking Register. You will receive an additional e-mail confirming the creation of your account.