Last Call

Final Sale Items at Peak Design.

Clutch V2

The previous version of Clutch™ Camera Hand Strap

Regular price $23.85 $21.46

Capture Bino

Capture Bino Binocular Clip

Regular price $19.95 $17.95

P.O.V. Kit V1

Version 1 of P.O.V. Kit for Capture

Regular price $13.95 $12.55

Proplate Only

Pro Plate V1

The previous version of DualPlate for Arca and RC2 heads.

Regular price $9.95 $8.95

ProPad Version 1

Pro Pad V1

The previous version of Pro Pad for older Capture models.

Regular price $9.95 $8.95

Capture Tool with Capture Clip

Capture Tool

Tool for tightening Capture V1 and V2 bolts and POV Kit.

Regular price $4.95 $4.45